About us

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About the cluster

The Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands is a non-profit association with a regional scope whose main objective is to promote the development and international competitiveness of the Maritime Sector of the Canary Islands, to increase business, as well as the economic and social development of the Canary Islands by means of the integration, developing, strengthening and sustainability of the companies and institutions that are included in the value chain of the maritime marine sector, promoting its international presence and increasing the technological and innovative level of all the agents involved, aligned with the development policies and social demands.
The strategy of achieving this goal is based on values such as cooperation, commitment, communication and competitiveness.
The Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands is the meeting and dialogue place of all the agents related to the sea.

General data


  • Innovation
  • Internacionalization
  • Comunication and awareness
  • Training
  • Business consulting

Area: marine maritime of Canary Islands

Areas of activity:

Ship repair

Marine transport

Infrastructure and port services

Renewable marine energy


Fisheries and aquaculture

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Entidades colaboradoras