The Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands is organising a meeting with the Canary Islands Industry Minister as part of the INTERREG-MAC 2014-2020: SMART BLUE and NAUTICON projects. The meeting will be attended by the Canary Islands Maritime Promotion and Dynamistation Committee.

The aim of the meeting was to inform the Goverment of the Canary Islands of some prority challenges for boosting the blue economy in the Canary Islands in order to be supported by the Goverment of the Canary Islands in the next legislative period.

The challenges identified at the meeting included:

  • Consolidation of the Foro Marítimo Canario for the coordination of the Blue Economy impulse at regional level,
  • Consolidation and development of strategies and projects in the field of Marine maritim cluster of Macaronesia.
  • Consolidation of the suppliers of the Canary Islands as a common instrument for the internationalization of companies for the Blue Economy sector of the Canary Islands.
  • Promotion of the training and qualification of the Blue Economy in the Canary Islands (dual vocational training, diplomas, masters, linguistics…).
  • Knowledge of oceanic condition and ecosystem health in the face of the effects of climate change and resilience.

At the end of the meeting, Industry Minister Pedro Ortega showed his willigness to transfer these initiatives to the papers currently being prepared, to shape the strategy that the Government of the Canary Islands intends to implement to boost the blue economy and announced its intention to “transfer”, if not continue, “ to those who come after these proposals”.