The Canary Islands Maritime Cluster, as a meeting place for business, education, institutions and science, and within the framework of the actions planned in the INTERREG-MAC 2014-2020 projects: SMART BLUE and NAUTICON, organises a meeting of the recently constituted Technical Committee for the promotion and development of the marine maritime sector in the Canary Islands.

In this meeting, in addition to the team of the Canary Islands Maritime Cluster, representatives of the University of Las Palmas and Faculty of Marine Sciences, Port Authority of Tenerife and Las Palmas, Society for the Promotion of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, City Council of Las Palmas de G.C. participate, Business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria, Femepa, Fedeport, Canary Islands Confederation of Businessmen, Aenáutica, and also various companies such as Acostasub, Tess Canarias, Gasimsa, TBN, Asepeyo, Grupo Cobra, Cetecima, Aenor, etc.

During the meeting, the different challenges in which the different entities participating in the committee are working were discussed, as well as the need to set up specific working groups for each type of challenge or project, in which efforts are joined so that these can be successful and the barriers that in many cases impede their development are reduced. Such is the case, for example, of the various administrative and bureaucratic obstacles that exist in many of the projects in the marine maritime field.